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Many of us spend a lot of time surfing the Internet.

There are companies listed below who are willing

to pay you to do just that. The great thing is that

these programs work even if you do not spend

an eternity each day online.





This is the oldest (started 3/99), biggest (several million members)
and best funded ($100,000,000) company, the mother of them all. They
have been paying since June. Pays $.50USD for your time, $.10USD an
hour for direct referrals usage and $.05USD an hour for 4 levels of
indirect referrals. Must match your downlines usage to earn for their
usage. Maximum payable hours are currently 25 hours per month.






ClickDough was formed by the founders of the ClickRebates network.
It does not require a download and the Personal Window works with
any browser or operating system, including Macs. 8 levels of referrals
and unlimited hours provide excellent earning potential. Payout is
revenue based with 50% being paid to yourself.





PaidForSurf is available internationally and they pay for unlimited
hours. Payout for yourself is based on 50% of the revenue PaidForSurf
earns in all areas and is projected at $0.40 an hour according to
past figures. Referral rates are fixed at $0.10 an hour for direct
referrals and $0.05 an hour for 4 levels of indirect referrals. You
must match your referrals use to get paid for all their hours logged.